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A Normal i/o order Radix 2 FFT architecture to process Twin data streams for MIMO
YVK Reddyi, SI Valli, PG Scholar, GVI Campus
This work introduces a simultaneous computing of many independent fast Fourier transform (FFT) operations with their outputs in natural order is necessary for many applications nowadays. Consequently, this brief demonstrates a brand-new …
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Design and comparative analysis of low power,area efficient optimized 10T Hybridfull adder for high performance Arithmetic and Logic Unit


In this time of rapid invention and utilisation of battery-operated products, battery life is a
significant problem. Because the traditional Full Adder(FA) uses more energy, we used low power
FA circuitry in this study and examined how it functions in lieu of the traditional Full Adder
circuitry. Contrary to the latest State of Art, only ten transistors make up the suggested design,
which runs on a 0.8 supply voltage. This study compares and contrasts the present design with the
FA's suggested work in respect of power and delay. This design consumes low power of only
674.38 nWand is area efficient as it consists of only ten transistors. The presented design of FA
consumes less power and offers very less delay of only 2.3 ps than existing designs. TANNER EDA
is used to simulate proposed FA and using a 65nm CMOS technology.

Keyword:Addition, XOR, XNOR cell, Low power, Full adder (FA) Hybrid design.

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Published UGC CARE I Journal

Published UGC CARE I Journal

Printed Dipole-Loop Antenna with High Gain for RF Energy Harvesting Applications

Abstract—In this paper, a compact dual-band antenna for RF energy harvesting applications is presented. The basic antenna structure is formed using a combination between a dipole and a loop antenna to operate at 900 MHz and 1600 MHz, respectively. To enable the antenna to resonate at a dual- band within a compact substrate, two L-shaped vertical arms as a dipole connected with a trapezoidal slot loop. A meandered transmission line is connected to the coplanar slot line to act as a stub to match the input impedance of the dipole and the loop. On the back of the antenna, a reflector is positioned to enhance the forward to back ratio and provide a unidirectional radiation pattern. The antenna has a compact size 0.149λo 0.23λo (with respect to the wavelength at the lowest operating frequency),making it comparatively smaller than similar designs. It has a measured fractional bandwidth of 11% at 0.970 GHz at the lower band and 52.9% at the upper band from 1.5 to 2.58 GHz. The antenna performance has a peak gain of 6.5 dB. To prove the antenna normal operation, a prototype is fabricated, tested and the measurements are compared against the simulation results. This antenna is intended for the RF wireless energy harvesting applications.

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Published : International Journal with ISSN Number

Published : International Journal with ISSN Number

Digital Image Processing - Research Opportunities and Challenges

Interest in digital image processing methods stems from two principal application areas: improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation; and processing of image data for storage, transmission, and representation for autonomous machine perception. The objectives of this article is to define the meaning and scope of image processing, discuss the various steps and methodologies involved in a typical image processing, and applications of image processing tools and processes in the frontier areas of research.

Key Words: Image Processing, Image analysis, applications, research.

Published - UGC CARE II Journal

Published - UGC CARE II Journal

High Speed Low Power Pre-Charge CAM Design  using Hybrid self-control

Abstract :  In this paper, we present a novel content addressable memory (CAM) is discussed. Although it uses more power, ontent-addressable memory (CAM) is a popular piece of hardware for high-speed lookup searches. Traditional NOR and NAND match-line (ML) architectures experience charge and short circuit path sharing during pre-charge, respectively. The pre-charge-free CAM that was recently proposed has a high search cost. delay and excessive power consumption of the subsequently proposed elf-controlled pre-charge-free CAM. In order to decrease search delay and power consumption, the hybrid self-controlled pre- harge-free (HSCPF) CAM architecture presented in this study employs a unique charge control circuitry. Both the present and planned CAM ML designs were created using the CMOS 45nm technology node and a 1 V supply voltage. When compared to, simulation results demonstrate that the suggested HSCPF CAM-type ML design effectively reduces power consumption and search latency. 

 Keywords: Content Memory Address, hybrid model, Precharge phase.

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